Our Revolution Bemidji Bylaws
Adopted 6/02/2022
Last Updated 06/01/2022

Table of Contents:
I: Mission Statement

II: Land Acknowledge
III: Membership
IV: Board of Directors
V: Elections
VI: Officers
VII: Meetings
VIII: Amending Bylaws
IX: Code of Conduct
X: Social Media
XI: Championed Issues
XII: Intellectual Property and Google Drive
XIII: Website

ARTICLE I: Mission Statement
To foster dialog and action in our community, to promote Our Revolution Bemidji’s championed progressive policy and legislation with our community through direct action and assisting with other grassroot allies to accomplish a peaceful revolution.  

ARTICLE II: Land Acknowledge
Our Revolution Bemidji members are local civilians from Bemidji, the Bemidji area and the surrounding Tribal Nations.  We acknowledge that we are on the territory of the Anishinaabeg and the Dakota people, and we honor them as custodians past and present. We acknowledge the profound inequality in power relationships between indigenous interests and other bodies of interest.  We recognize indigenous interests and its determination over imposed land, built on the seized state of indigenous people.  We defend treaties and support the sovereignty of tribal nations and their citizens and will honor and respect indigenous cultures, the wild-life, lands and water.

ARTICLE III: Membership
Membership is open to anyone who wishes to become a member who has completed and submitted a membership registration form either by attending a meeting or donating.
Our Revolution Bemidji will not discriminate against anyone who wishes to become a member on the basis of their race, religion, age, gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, place of origin, level of abilities, or socio-economic status.
A member is entitled to full participation in group activities, including, but not limited to, the right to join a committee, run for office, run for director seat and participate in debates.  
An individual needs to have attended at least two consecutive meetings in order to become a voting member.
An individual must live in the Beltrami, Cass Lake, Red Lake area to cast votes on endorsement for candidates or organizational structure changes.
No member can be deprived of membership rights except through disciplinary proceedings. Grounds for termination of membership include physical aggression or verbal harassment of another member or misuse of Our Revolution Bemidji's resources or name for personal gain, and termination requires a ⅔ majority vote of a quorum of members.

ARTICLE IV: Board of Directors
The board of directors of Our Revolution Bemidji is tasked to maintain general business of the organization, approve community grants, fundraise for the organization and outreach.
Our Revolution Bemidji Board of Directors will be made up of 19 Directors, plus officers, Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary/Treasurer elected to serve 2-year terms.

ARTICLE V: Elections
In the interest of developing leadership skills and experience within all of our members, no officer shall hold office for more than 8 consecutive meetings.
Officers are elected every two years by a simple majority.
All members are eligible to vote.

ARTICLE VI: Officers
It is a Chair's role to ensure that business is conducted according to the bylaws of the group and honors the rights of all members.
The Chair oversees all meetings and is responsible for ensuring there is a quorum, providing copies of the agenda (physical or online) to all members present, and conducting vote counts. The Chair cannot make a motion or participate in a discussion. Chair may participate if we have low numbers of participants at a meeting!
The Chair is responsible for external communications. As such, the Chair must make public his/her/their contact information, so they can be reached by individuals outside the group, and must respond to correspondence and requests for information in a timely and courteous manner.
Vice Chair (Co-Chair)
The Vice Chair is responsible for internal communication - that is, provides updates to and directly corresponds with rank and file members, committee members, and other officers.
In the event that the Chair is absent or otherwise unable to fulfil the Chair’s duties, the Vice Chair will assume the Chair’s role.
The Vice Chair will assume responsibility of any unfilled or vacated officer roles and duties therein.
Co-Chairs Committees
The Secretary is responsible for drafting clear and accurate summaries of all group meetings, or minutes.
The Secretary provides copies of the most recent meeting’s minutes at the following meeting.
The Secretary maintains and updates the membership database.
The Secretary maintains an archived copy (secure online) of minutes, membership databases, bylaws, and other documents relevant to Our Revolution Bemidji, which can be produced as needed.
The Secretary will maintain a written log of Our Revolution Bemidji online accounts passwords (change password every 2 months), responsible to inform individuals charged with updates on social media accounts.
The Treasurer is custodian of all Our Revolution Bemidji’s funds.
The Treasurer keeps a written record of all income and expenditures of Our Revolution Bemidji, as well as relevant receipts, and can produce them upon request.
The Treasurer provides quarterly written reports on the financial position of the group, forecasting any budgetary issues requiring the attention of the group and recommending actions to address any financial/budgetary issues identified.
The Treasurer will compile an annual financial report after the first fiscal year (December 2022). If necessary to file the Form 990 tax return. The annual financial report will need to be prepared and approved by the officers board and signed by two board members and included with a Charitable Organization Exemption form filed by email to the Minnesota Attorney General's Office.

Meeting Schedule
Our Revolution Bemidji shall meet the quarterly on the first Sunday of the month from 6pm-7pm.
Our Revolution Bemidji Board of Directors shall meet in conversations forums that are most convenient to the board.
Committees shall meet as designated by the committee chair, with guidance from the Vice Chair.
Meeting Procedure
General Meeting
-Organizational Announcement from Chair
-Vice Chair report.
-Secretary report from recent officer meeting.
-Treasurer report.
-Committee Reports
-Old Business
-New Business
-Open members addressing the body.
-Informal forum *brief notes*
Quarterly Meeting.
The Chair will first ascertain whether a quorum has been reached, then formally announce the opening of the meeting. A quorum constitutes 5 of all voting members and at least half of elected officers.
Minutes of the previous meeting shall be made available by the Secretary.
Reports from the officers, boards and committees.
Address old business. If there are any motions pending from a previous meeting, they should be considered at this time.
Address new business. Members can introduce new items of business. New business can be proposed before the start of a meeting, or during the meeting.
Conclusion / breakout into committees.

ARTICLE VIII: Amending Bylaws
Proposals to amend the bylaws must be submitted to the Chair.
Once a proposal to amend the bylaws has been received, it is the Chair's responsibility to disseminate the full text of the amendment to all voting members at least five days prior to the meeting at which the amendment will be voted on.
Bylaws can be amended with a ⅔ majority vote of all board members of Our Revolution Bemidji.
If turnout at a meeting is insufficient to reach a ⅔ majority, an amendment vote can be tabled for the following meeting.
Amendments must be adopted using the exact language used during the vote. No alterations can be made to an amendment after a vote.
Once an amendment has been approved, the Secretary shall alter all Bylaws documents accordingly, and update the date at the top to reflect when the changes were made.

ARTICLE IX: Code of Conduct
We accept differences of personality and opinion, and will not discriminate against anyone on the basis of race, religion, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, place of origin, disability, or socioeconomic class.
We will work together to find equitable solutions to any issues that may arise. We value and encourage feedback, and will not retaliate against those who give it. We will refrain from making bad-faith arguments.
We will practice stepping up and stepping back to ensure that all members have the opportunity to share their voice, especially those from communities that have historically been silenced.
All members of Our Revolution Bemidji are expected to adhere to this Code of Conduct, which is designed to make Our Revolution Bemidji safe and welcoming. Violations of the Code of Conduct will be approached with the principles of restorative justice, but repeated infractions may result in a member being asked to leave Our Revolution Bemidji.

ARTICLE X: Social Media
We will promote dialog for Our Revolution Bemidji championed issues via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and local media outlets. We will uphold Our Revolution Bemidji code of conduct within all media forms promoted by our Chapter.

ARTICLE XI: Championed Issues
Our Revolution championed issues our goal is to bring national issues to our local community.
Major Issues:
Medicare For All
-Fighting to Lower Prescription Drug Prices
Eliminate Big Money in Politics
Social & Economic issues
-Racial Justice
-Empowering Tribal Nations
-Honoring the Treaties
-Fighting for LGBT Equality
-Fighting for Women's Rights
-Fighting for Disability Rights
-Lowering College Tuition
-Caring for Our Veterans
-Fighting for Affordable Housing
-Income and Wealth Inequality
-A Living Wage
-Strengthen and Expand Social Security
-Legalization and Decriminalization of Cannabis.
Climate Crisis
-Green Transition

ARTICLE XII: Intellectual Property and Google Drive
All digital and intellectual information found on Our Revolution Bemidji Google Drive is the property of the members of Our Revolution Bemidji.

Our Revolution Bemidji will work to maintain and keep recent and relevant content on the www.OurRevolutionBemidji.com domain.