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Our Revolution Bemidji


Our Revolution Bemidji is an organization that supports the populist issues that resonate with our members. ORB will work to push the local narrative, policies, and elected representation in support of our member’s championed issues.


Objective: Call to Actions

  • Medicare For All

    • Fighting to Lower Prescription Drug Prices

  • Big Money in Politics

  • Social & Economic issues

    • Racial Justice

    • Empowering Tribal Nations

    • Honoring the Treaties

    • Fighting for LGBT Equality

    • Fighting for Women's Rights

    • Fighting for Disability Rights

    • Lowering College Tuition

    • Caring for Our Veterans

    • Fighting for Affordable Housing

    • Income and Wealth Inequality

    • A Living Wage

    • Strengthen and Expand Social Security

    • Legalization and Decriminalization of Cannabis.

  • Climate Crisis

    • Green New Deal

    • StopLine3

      • DropTheCharges!



Call To Action

Our Revolution Bemidji will call upon our base and coalition to do Call To Actions on the above organizational championed issues. Call To Actions may include but are not limited to, emailing or calling elected leaders, showing up to public meetings, fundraising and other actions.